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The Asmodus Flagship Minikin line now has an all new advanced technology! Meet the Minikin Boost. The Boost retains the beloved body shape of the original Minikin while adding the most praised function of the Minikin V2, curve mode. Curve mode allows for detailed customization of the firing cycle, letting the user fine-tune their vaping experience to fit them personally. When curve mode is selected in the menu, the operator is presented with 5 different wattage as well as time settings, which correspond to different points in time during the firing cycle. There is no limit on personalizing your vaping experience. If you like to have a little bit delayed smooth in the middle type of draw, or fast ramping hit and a more toned feel in the end, this curve mode will bring you to another world of cloud chasing! With the long lasting 2 18650 battery configuration, the Minikin Boost will never leave you hanging during a rough day. Capable of outputting up to 155W, the Minikin Boost’s affordability combined with the curve function are sure to make it a new favorite among the vaping community. Do not be fooled by the budget friendly price, it is a cost effective device that contains advanced technology. 

For those of you that have never heard of the "Curve" function, it allows the Minikin boost to manually set 5 different wattages over time presets for up to 10 seconds so it can emulate temperature control while adapting to your preferences. For example, you can have the device start off at 55.0 watts for 0.5 seconds, peak at 70.0 watts for 3 seconds, then finish off at 35.0 watts for 1 second. This allows you to control how fast and how high you want your device to ramp up when using Claptons or large gauge wire builds every time.


Product Specifications:

  • Needs 2x 18650 sized batteries (not included)

  • Power Mode output range: 5.0 watts - 155.0 watts

  • Temperature Control Mode output range: 5.0 watts - 120.0 watts

  • Temperature range: 212'F - 572'F / 100'C - 300'C

  • Atomizer Resistance range: 0.1 ohm - 2.5 ohm

  • Firing Modes: Power, Temp Ni200, Temp SS316, Temp SS317, Temp SS304, Temp Ti, TCR, TFR, and Curve.

  • Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5 Volts

  • Maximum Output Current: 3.5 Amps

  • Micro USB Port for future firmware updates and charging.

  • The overall size of the Minikin has been increased so Atomizers up to 25mm can be used with no overhang.

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