BigMouth Kiwi Chiller

BigMouth Kiwi Chiller

Brand: Bigmouth Liquids

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BigMouth Kiwi Chiller concentrate

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Flavor: Relax and chill for a moment while this tasty, fresh kiwi mix smoothly seduces your taste buds.
Dosage: 10%
Easysmoke Tallinn Gonsiori 32 Easysmoke Tallinn Rävala pst 7 Easysmoke Mustika Karjavälja 4 Easysmoke Tallinn Sõle 61 Easysmoke Tallinn Torupilli Selver Easysmoke Tallinn Tondi Selver Easysmoke Tallinn Merimetsa Selver EasySmoke Pärnu Ülejõe Selver Easysmoke Pärnu Mai Selver Easysmoke Pärnu Kuninga 3a Easysmoke Tartu Poe tn 10 Easysmoke Tartu Aardla Selver Easysmoke Viljandi Männimäe Selver
10+ 2 3 2 4 2 3 4 3 1 3 3 4

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