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Pharaoh RDA | Digiflavor

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Digiflavor Pharaoh RTA

The Pharaoh RTA is an innovative tank designed by Rip Trippers. This tank is elaborately designed, paying attention to every detail to deliver the best vaping experience.

Main features: 
Innovative Airflow Control System (BAF + Top Angled Airflow)
Choose Bottom airflow only for best flavor;
Choose Top Angled Airflow for no noise and no condensation vaping;
Choose both for maximum vapor production.

Domical top chamber for better flavor.
Short shaft section to increase flavor.
Two 3mm airflow channels that run from the top cap down through the top of the domical chamber to boost airflow and flavor.
Interchangeable Decks.
Includes a juice expansion tube to increase liquid capacity.

Drip Tip Height: 10mm
Height: 46mm
Base Diameter: 25mm
Capacity: 4.6ml

1 x Pharaoh RTA
1 x Expansion Tube (3.5ml)
1 x Spare Glass Tube
1 x Allen Key
1 x Spare Parts Pack (510 adapter included)
1 x User Manual
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