Dotmod Petri 24mm RTA

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DotMod Petri 24mm RTA Gold

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Dotmod Petri 24mm RTA

The very much awaited Dotmod RTA 24mm, shiny and flamboyant, new in its gold finish with more space for the assemblies and the tank consistent of 3ml. The Dotmod RTA 24mm preserves the excellent post less plate which is entirely Gold Plated for the assemblies in dual coils. The Dotmod RTA 24mm is delivered in a generous bundle which will please lovers of the Dotmod House.

24mm Size
With 24mm in diameter, the height of the Dotmod RTA 24mm passes over to 43mm for a final look which has allure for the box of a good size. Of 24mm, it is also a good occasion to increase the capacity of the tank which passes to 3ml.

Postless 24K
Dotmod is visionary with the post less plate as it is often imitated by the concurrence. With the Dotmod RTA 24 mm, it remains entirely Gold Plated for first class conductivity. The assemblies in dual coil is the window of the Dotmod RTA 24mm.

Top Fill
Like its predecessor, the filling of the Dotmod RTA 24mm is done at the top of the tank for more comfort and the aeration system conserves its notched ring.

Package Dotmod
Always interesting with Dotmod is the small bonuses delivered with the Dotmod RTA 24mm. Especially the beautiful drip tip in Ultem and a pair of coils in Fused for a quicker vape. 

Height with Trip Dip: 43mm
Diameter: 24mm
Capacity: 3ml
Tank: Pyrex
Type of Plate: Bottom coil
Type of Construction: Dual-coils

The Dotmod RTA Tank is delivered with: 
1 x Dotmod RTA Tank
1 x Supplementary Pyrex Glass
1 x Supplementary Drip Tip in Ultem
1 x Set of Changeable Joints
1 x Set of Supplementary Screws
1 x Supplementary Gold Plated Connection Pin
2 x Coils
1 x Allen Key
1 x Authenticity Notice


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