White Fox Snus Nikotiinipadjad | Double Mint

White Fox Snus Nicotine Pads | Double Mint

Brand: FOX

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Pieces in can: 20pcs

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White Fox nicotine pouches are a great product to switch from smoking and/or vaping and it can be used absolutely anywhere!

They consist of a small teabag like tobacco-free pouch that contains nicotine. 

You simply place one of the pouches under the top lip between the lip and gum. Leave it there for 15 - 30 minutes and feel the nicotine cravings disappear!

There is no need to spit or chew. 

The feeling White Fox gives you is fresh burning affect that wears off after time. Try moving it from side to side for the first time if you are not used to the awesomeness!

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