TFV9 Sub-ohm Tank | SMOK

Бренд: Smoktech
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The Smok TFV9 Sub Ohm Tank, which adopts the Smok #1 Bulb Glass Tube and the diameter is 28mm, enlarges the e-juice capacity to 6.5ml, no need to add the juice frequently, the Smok Tank with the childproof locking mechanism on the top cap to keep children away, this design also effectively prevent accidental opening of the top cap and leakage of e-liquid. the TFV9 Tank with a gold-plating pin to increase the rub resistance and strengthen electrical conductivity, the connector can maintain its original appearance even if it's reused.  there are dual large airflow adjustable slots on the base, you could rotate the AFC ring to adjust the intake air freely, it will help to obtain massive clouds of vapor and excellent taste flavor. the Smok TFV9 comes with the 0.15ohm V9 Meshed Coils, which made of Nichrome material that features a large heating contact surface area to heats the e-juice fastly and evenly, will deliver the huge clouds and superb flavor with less heat time.


Размер: 56x28мм

Диаметр: 25мм

Мощность койлов: Мин. 15Вт - Макс. 130Вт

Ёмкость: 6.5мл

Койл: Сменные койлы (Подходят так же Coil TFV8 Baby | SMOK, Vaporesso NRG GT Coil, HW Ello | Eleaf)

Расходники: Сменный 810 мундштук, Сменное стёкло

Тип: Прямо в лёгкие. RDL

В комплекте:

1x TFV9 Subohm Tank

2x V9 0.15Ом Mesh койл (40-90Вт)

1x Запасное стекло

1x Запасные резинки

1x Руководство по использованию

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