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Veiplux is not just an e-cigarette store, but a gateway to less harmful nicotine consumption.

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Why E-Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, or vape, is a battery-powered device that heats liquid to create vapor which is then inhaled by the user.
Safety Safety
It has been scientifically proven that e-cigarettes are at least 97% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. However, this does not mean that e-cigarettes are completely safe.
Less smell! Less smell!
Smoking traditional cigarettes leaves a strong and unpleasant odor on clothes, hair, breath, and hands. E-cigarettes do not create bad odors.
Freedom to choose! Freedom to choose!
With regular cigarettes, the manufacturer determines the nicotine content and you cannot change it. With e-cigarettes, you can choose the nicotine level and gradually reduce it until you can quit entirely.
Cheaper! Cheaper!
Unlike traditional cigarettes, most e-cigarettes are reusable, rechargeable, and refillable. You only need to spend money on e-liquid and a heating element.
Why  E-Cigarette?

How to buy E-Liquid safer?

Buying e-cigarette liquids is a responsible choice that should be made with caution.
Liquid composition Liquid composition
E-liquid consists of basic ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavorings, and nicotine (if present).
Official representations Official representations
When purchasing liquids from official stores, you can be sure that they are verified and certified products that meet safety and quality standards, will not have an unpleasant smell or taste, and will not cause any side effects.
Legality Legality
Black market sellers usually do not have the necessary permits and certifications for selling e-liquids, which violates the laws in Estonia. In addition, e-liquids purchased from the black market may be counterfeit and contain harmful substances.
Specialists Specialists
In official stores, you can get advice from experienced specialists regarding your taste and strength preferences when buying liquids for e-cigarettes. Only verified manufacturers, which guarantee quality and safety.
How to buy E-Liquid safer?

What to consider when using e-cigarettes?

When using e-cigarettes, it is recommended to take into account several factors.
Battery Battery
Proper use and charging of the e-cigarette battery can ensure its proper operation and a long service life.
Liquid refilling Liquid refilling
Use only manufacturer-recommended liquids for refilling the e-cigarette. Do not overfill the tank and keep an eye on the liquid level.
Regular replacement of the coil Regular replacement of the coil
The atomizer, or coil, in the e-cigarette has a limited lifespan and requires periodic replacement to maintain good taste and device performance.
Dependence and health Dependence and health
Keep in mind that e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which can cause addiction
What to consider when using e-cigarettes?

Frequently asked questions

How to place an order?

You need to select the products of interest, add them to the cart, specify the preferred point of sale to receive the goods (by checking their availability using the "Availability" function), provide contact information, select a payment method, and confirm the order.

How to order goods for home delivery?

As of July 1, 2019, remote sales of e-cigarettes are prohibited in Estonia. According to Estonian legislation, buyers can only purchase e-cigarettes in person from a physical store or place an order on a website and collect it from the store themselves.

Why can't I find pre-made flavored e-liquids?

As of July 1, 2020, the sale of flavored e-liquids is prohibited in Estonia in accordance with changes in legislation aimed at regulating the electronic cigarette market. As a result, only tobacco and menthol flavors are available for sale.

How to dispose of used disposable cigarettes?

It is not recommended to throw them in regular trash or litter them in nature as they can pollute the environment. It is recommended to bring the used disposable cigarettes to our store for proper recycling.

How much e-liquid can be brought across the border?

The officially established maximum amount of e-liquid allowed to be brought across the border of Estonia for personal use is 20 ml. However, when entering from EU countries, up to 50ml is allowed.

I would like to apply for a job. How can I do that?

To apply, send an email to [email protected], write about your experience with e-cigarettes and include your CV and desired area to work.

Still have questions?

For more detailed information, check out our full FAQ page. It includes a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions with detailed answers and helpful tips.

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Study: Vaping Instead of Smoking Reduces Children's Passive Nicotine Exposure
18.07.24 10:42:19
Study: Vaping Instead of Smoking Reduces Children's Passive Nicotine Exposure
In a recent study, researchers compared nicotine absorption among children exposed to secondhand smoke with those who had no exposure.

About us

Veiplux is not just an electronic cigarette shop, it's a gateway to less harmful nicotine consumption.

Our team started its activities in 2008 and has since accumulated vast experience in vaping and electronic cigarettes. We prioritize helping our clients transition to a healthier lifestyle, rather than just selling products. In our stores, you can find everything you need for both beginner and advanced vapers.

We guarantee our customers only high-quality products that have all the necessary safety certificates approved by the European Commission.