HADRON Pro 400W + Ragnar RDTA | Steam Crave

Brand: Steam
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The Full Kit Hadron Pro from Steam Crave is an electronic mod delivering 400w! Power never equipped with the DNA250C chipset seen and works with a 6400mah Lipo battery enough to vape VERY long! this kit is supplied with the fantastic Ragnar RDTA with a capacity of 25ml of e-liquid and a diameter of 35mm, the postless type plate allows to accommodate large assemblies without worry but also a mesh or velocity deck.
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Size: 116.1x59x36.7mm (mod)

Power: 1-400w

Ressistance range: 0.1(0.03)-3Ω

Output voltage: 0.2-16.8V

Modes: VW, TC (200-600F), TCR, Bypass, Replay, VV, Watts boost….all.

Battery: Changeable built-in Li-po battery 4x1600mAh (6400mAh) (Included)

Laadimine: Micro USB 3A(2A suggested)

Tank Capacity: 18/25ml

Type: Rebuildable coils (dual/triple)

Drip-tip: Changeable drip-tip 810

Chip-set: DNA250C


1x Hadron PRO DNA250C (evolv logo) Li-Po mod (Li-Po battery 4x1600mAh(6400mAh))

1x Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA 35mm

1x Micro USB cable

1x Ragnar deck

1x Chamber reducer(all plus V1/ V2 decks can be used with this chamber reducer)

1x 25ml conversion chimney

1x Spare Glass18ml

2x Spare glass 25ml

2x Coils

1x Vape band

1x Allen key

1x Spare parts

2x Manual


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