What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is an electronic device used for heating of e-liquid to create vapor, which can be inhaled through a special mouthpiece. Unlike the combustion of tobacco in a regular cigarette, this process avoids the consumption of toxic substances and carcinogens present in the smoke of a regular cigarette.

What e-cigarette to choose for my smoking type?

The choice of e-cigarette should be based primarily on the depth of addiction. If you smoke first thing in the morning and smoke a pack a day, you should look at stronger e-liquids. If, for example, you are a so-called Sunday smoker, then it would be worth looking at hookah-type e-cigarettes, which provide less nicotine but more taste experiences. It would definitely be worth checking your smoking habits with the cosultant in our store and getting recommendations accordingly.

What do I need to purchase in addition to an electronic cigarette?

At the beginning of the journey, it is not always possible to understand what is really required for a full start. Therefore, we recommend purchasing spare atomizers, a charger, and, of course, e-liquid in addition to your new e-cigarette.

How to use an e-cigarette?

The amount of nicotine you get from an e-cigarette is not as effective as from a regular cigarette. Therefore, it is considered normal that in the first weeks we use e-cigarettes more than regular cigarettes. Here it is worth remembering that the body always gives us a signal when there is too much or too little nicotine. Follow the signs your body sends you and choose the strength of your next e-liquid accordingly.

Do I need to clean my e-cigarette?

To maintain the efficiency of your e-cigarette, it is recommended to clean it regularly:

Atomizer: when replacing the heating element, remove any residue from the atomizer and rinse it under running water. Thoroughly dry with a dry paper towel or microfiber.

Mouthpiece: this part gets dirty very quickly. After rinsing under water, it can be cleaned with a toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt.

Device: use a microfiber cloth to clean the battery from any possible contaminants or liquid spills. Do not clean the device with water.

What are the vaping modes and which one is better to choose?

The choice of vaping mode depends on personal preferences and user needs. It is recommended to experiment with different modes and settings to find what works best for the specific device and coil type.

What is an atomizer and how does it work?

The atomizer is one of the main parts of any e-cigarette, which is directly related to the transmission of flavor and vapor. There are several different types of atomizers, primarily distinguished as rebuildable and non-rebuildable.

Main components of the atomizer: Mouthpiece, Tank, Connector, Shaft, Coil.

How to choose an atomizer?

The choice of atomizer depends on your personal preferences and needs. Here we discuss what to consider when choosing a suitable atomizer for you.

When and how often should the coil be replaced?

The coil in the atomizer should be replaced when signs of fatigue and contamination begin to appear, which can affect the quality of the vapor and taste of the liquid. These signs include a decrease in vapor volume, poor reproduction of taste, and darkening of the liquid.

How to avoid gurgling and leaking?

This is a sign that liquid has entered the central tube. This often happens after refilling.

To solve the problem, clean the central tube of liquid. To do this, disconnect the tank from the battery without emptying the tank, wrap its airflow holes in a paper towel or cloth and blow through the mouthpiece.

You can also cover the mouthpiece with a napkin and shake the liquid out of the tank as if shaking a thermometer, but then you have to be careful not to accidentally throw off the tank.

You can also roll up a napkin thinly and put it inside the mouthpiece of the tank into the center of the coil, it should suck  out the excess liquid.

What is a disposable e-cigarette?

A disposable e-cigarette is a small, single-use e-cigarette, typically similar in size to a regular cigarette, and easy to use. It is primarily designed for vaporizing salt nicotine liquids. It is pre-charged and pre-filled with e-liquid. Ready to use at any time.

What is a Mech-mod?

Mech-mod (short for mechanical mod) is a type of vaping device that does not contain electronic components, including chips and control boards. Instead, it uses a simple mechanism that allows current to be directly supplied from the battery to the atomizer. Mech-mods are typically made of metal or brass and do not have built-in protection against short circuit or overheating.

How to use a mechanical mod correctly?

The use of a mechanical mod can vary depending on the specific model, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the user manual that comes with the device. However, this information may not always be included with the device. Therefore, we have described its general usage.

How to dispose of used disposable cigarettes?

It is not recommended to throw them in regular trash or litter them in nature as they can pollute the environment. It is recommended to bring the used disposable cigarettes to our store for proper recycling.

What should I do when my e-cigarette shows the “check atomizer” message?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Follow these steps to fix the “check atomizer” error:

  1. Clean the atomizer connector pin
  2. Clean the battery pin
  3. Check that all parts of your e-cigarette are screwed together tightly
  4. Check that your coil is positioned correctly
My e-cigarette won't charge

How do I repair my e-cigarette that doesn’t charge anymore?

  1. Clean the connectors
  2. Check the charging cable
  3. Change the adapter

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